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Welcome to “GYANKUNJ” Muktsar

GYAN KUNJ Career Institute is a premier coaching institute for the preparation of JEE (Main), JEE (Main+Advanced), Pre-medical (AIPMT (NEET-UG)/ AIIMS), AAT(Agricultural Aptitude Test, PAU), Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation (Class VI to X, NTSE & Olympiads). The Institute is well regarded for the high quality entrance exams preparation and produces best results year after year. At GYAN KUNJ Muktsar, we focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts in students for their success and provide an excellent platform for the preparation of competitive exams and board level education. The best academic support and personal care which we provide to the students helps them meet their career goals and objectives. The core values of Determination, Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity, Devotion, Humanism, Holistic Learning, Social Ethics, and concern for society & environment are all closely interwoven into the fiber of our academic programs. Our highly qualified and most experienced faculties are dedicated and committed to student’s complete success and provide assistive surroundings to contribute to their social, cultural, academic and all-round development.

To our students, we impart value-based career education, abundant resources, and individual attention. To the parents, we have a responsibility to nurture ethical and responsible career leadership in the children. To the society, we provide a lifelong connection to ethics and excellence in global leaders.


An Institute of Science

Necessity is the Mother of invention but here it is the Mother of Miracle. A Miracle which has grown manifold – GYAN KUNJ INSTITUTE. Gyan kunj Career Institute is a pioneer institute in the field of coaching for Competitive Exams. Founded on April 23, 2013 & has today become a synonym of SUCCESS.
In 2013, Shri Bhanwar Lal ji started with just eight students. It was the only institute of its time which provided coaching for all Science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics under one roof. This strong association became the foundation stone of the revolutionary Medical/Non-Medical coaching institute of that time.
New heights of success were scaled year after year. The Institute achieved remarkable Landmark of Rank 1 in Punjab AAT in the year 2015.
The consistent and ideal team efforts of faculty members and the visionary administration of Shri Bhanwar Lal ji altogether laid the path of glorious success, which led the institute to achieve First Rank in Punjab AAT in 2015. Since then, GYAN KUNJ is known to create ‘never before’ benchmarks.
With this, the institute is leading on its motto “Dare To Dream, Act To Achieve…” by writing its success story and adding more episodes of splendid achievements year after year.
“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping; it is something that does not let you sleep.-A.P.J. (Abdul Kalam)”

Experience the Positivity

Dear Parent


At the outset, we would like to express our gratitude for the trust you have placed in GYAN KUNJ CAREER INSTITUTE. This is a Golden Age for Career Education; for Education is not a preparation for exam; it is to prepare for life itself. At GYAN KUNJ, value based knowledge is the true aim of education that we impart to our students.

As a parent, you definitely want the best for your child; and we are happy to be working with you to make sure that they are given the true knowledge to face the challenges in their career. An important role GYAN KUNJ plays at this end is to link this depth and breadth of energy and experience to the enthusiasm and intelligence of this generation of Achievers.

The talent and the energy which our students possess need to be nurtured, shaped and channeled in the right direction. Our combined efforts would bring out not only the best in their careers, but the best in their lives. In this way we hope to support not only individuals but also the entire society from which we all benefit.

We wish you a very rewarding experience at GAYN KUNJ !

Best Regards

Our Inspiration marks Our Identity.. Gives meaning to Our Past..Brings Success for Today and Creates Vision for Tomorrow

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Authenticity of RESULT : Power of GYAN KUNJ